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Our non-invasive approach resolves chronic pain.

Even when medications, injections and surgery have failed.

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Are you finally ready to be free from chronic pain?

If you’ve sought relief everywhere, and yet, you are still struggling with chronic pain, our methods are tailor-made for you – especially if traditional treatments such as spinal steroid injections, having your nerves burned (ablation), or surgeries have let you down.

Our approach focuses on gentle healing through non-invasive techniques to provide long-lasting relief.

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What conditions do we treat?

Chronic Back Pain

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Chronic Neck Pain

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Sciatica (leg pain)

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Hip Pain

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Bulging Discs

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Herniated Discs

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Degenerative Disc Disease / Arthritis

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Spinal Stenosis

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Failed Surgery Syndrome

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What’s the process for working with Dr. Currie?


Unique Consultation

Dr. Currie first delves deep into your unique pain history and previous treatment experiences. 


Focused Diagnosis

Dr. Currie discusses your symptoms and details his opinion on what is actually causing your pain and dysfunction.


Personalized Treatment Plan

Dr. Currie will design a personalized, non-invasive treatment plan that he believes will give you the best chance of regaining your lost quality of life.


Initiation of Therapy

If Dr. Currie believes that he has a chance of helping you, you will have the option to begin care.


Continual Progress Evaluation

We keep a close eye on your journey, assessing improvements and adjusting the plan accordingly to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Central Arkansas Pain Relief Authority

What makes us different?

Currie Health and Wellness is a unique clinic that specializes in non-invasive, drug-free treatments for severe and chronic pain.

Most of our patients come to us after having some sort of failed invasive medical treatment. All our treatments are non-invasive. This allows you to continue living a normal life instead of struggling through a long recovery period common with invasive approaches.

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More Client Success Stories

Kathy Bowen

Dr. Currie is the most caring doctor that I've ever met. I was in constant pain when i went to see him, now I am 80-90 % better. I've met many other patients while going there, that he has as I've heard them say Dr Currie has given my life back. He is willing to help you in anyway he can. Your always met with a Big Hello and lots of Smiles and hugs from all the staff.

Billie Koch

I’ve been going to Dr. Currie since 2014 I come now just for maintenance every once in a while but I definitely would be in a wheelchair if I hadn’t come to Dr. Currie for help I was taking care of my husband he was in a wheelchair and it was it was tough taking care of him but and I got down in my back from taking care of my husband in and I’ll just continue to come to Dr. Currie because he’s done such a good job for me. I also do the nutrients from him because that keeps me going healthwise and keeps my energy up and I just can’t say enough good about Dr. Currie and his staff they’re so nice and so helpful and I’m so so grateful to God.

Doug Woodman

I went through Dr. Currie’s program and am so much better. His staff is excellent and so caring, not at all hardened by seeing patients day in and out as so many of my health care providers seem to have become. They treat every patient as an individual. I think you will find that his current and his former patients leave very high marks. Thank You Dr. Currie and staff.

Kevin Riddle

I suffered a severe debilitating neck injury. I was sent to see a neurosurgeon who barely looked at me and knew exactly what he was going to do to “fix” me. I immediately ran out of that consultation. I knew surgery was not for me. My wife saw the commercial for Dr Currie and suggested we go and visit with him to determine if his treatments would work for me. I had no alternatives and the pain was unbearable. After my consultation with Dr Currie, I started the program and within the first 3 treatments I knew this was going to work for me. He and his staff were very professional throughout my entire treatment program. I’m very thankful for Dr Currie, he truly saved me from a lifetime of pain!

Corina Gosvener

I was in awful, extreme pain from a bulging disc, resulting in sciatic nerve pain in my hip, leg, calf, and foot. After my 1st treatment, I immediately noticed that at least half of my pain was gone! I was no longer taking pain meds after my 1st week of treatment. I would absolutely recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing back pain! Dr. Currie and his team are very professional, understanding, and caring. Thank you!

Beverly Waters

I had been to chiropractors for years but it wasn't helping so I Went to a back doctor they wanted me to go on to a surgeon. I had seen a lady on dr. Curries ad that had been helped with sculiosis. I raise dogs and like to deer hunt and fish but was not able to do without some help. I talked to Dr Currie he didn't promise a cure. I began his program and I am alot better. We are all greeted with smiles and hugs . This is a great group.

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“Now I’m able to function and do some of the things I haven’t been able to do in years.

My hip, knee and ankle were an issue for years. Later, my neck began to give me problems. i was in severe pain to the point I had to rely on crutches occasionally.

My husband received treatments from Dr. Currie, and I was amazed at his results, so I was excited about receiving mine.

Now I’m able to function and do some of the things I haven’t been able to do in years. Dr Keith Currie has a passion for people and his work.”

Ramona Block
DeQuincy, Arkansas


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Meet Dr. Keith Currie, D.C.

For 20 years, my singular focus has been helping people who suffer from severe and chronic pain that won’t go away with other treatment methods.

My patients get relief without having to take the chance on going under the knife or taking potentially harmful medications. With my protocols, there’s no risk of infection, scar tissue from an incision, complications with anesthesia, or side effects from prescription drugs.

If you’ve tried everything else without relief, call our office today for a no obligation, no-pressure consultation. See for yourself how our approach can help you finally find lasting pain relief.

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More Client Success Stories

Kimber Onasch

I started treatment in September and will be officially done this next week. I have to say what a BIG difference this has made for me with regards to my day to day quality of life and mental health. Dr. Currie and his staff are wonderful to work with. They make you truly feel like part of the family. The atmosphere is filled with positive energy. It has been an honor to get to know not only the staff but also the other patients. Seeing patients encourage each other throughout the process has been amazing. I would highly recommend checking them out with their free consultation. You won’t regret it!

Marvin Dial

I want to thank him for all that he has done for me. When I came here I was in some of the worst pain and with the first treatment I was better and by the time I left the program I was pain free. The staff is amazing and kind I would recommend anybody to come here it's a great healing environment

Albert Garcia

This has been a very beneficial treatment for my husband he has a very hard time walking and this has helped him immensely. And all of the people including Dr. Curry are very very nice and especially helpful

Sharon Smith

I cannot thank Dr Curry enough for relieving my pain without surgery. I had been to see a Neurosurgeon and was told I needed a rod and screws in my back but after two spinal fusions I did not want another surgery so I tried Dr Curry. Long story short, on the last day of my treatment I called the neurosurgeon from the treatment machine and cancelled my surgery. He is amazing and the staff are caring and friendly. I promise you enter as another patient and leave feeling like family. Such a pleasant experience when everyone there actually cares about you and your pain. The laser treatment after each session is icing on the cake. I have told a couple of my doctors about how he cured my pain without surgery and they both said they have had patients tell them they had been to see him as well and were treated with success. Dr Curry is my go to for pain!!!!! 😊

Lisa English

I went from being in pain 100% of the time to 40%, and I still have some treatments left to do. I'm extremely happy with the progress that we've made. Dr. Currie and his staff are genuinely caring friendly folks.

Crazy Crave Nutrition

I was in bad shape after a car accident that had me so far gone. My back & disc was out of alignment & traditional chiropractic was not helping it was getting worse to where I could not walk. I saw Dr. Currie on TV & was like I'm just going to the office & skip the whole ordering a packet. I already knew chiropractor of any type is not covered by health insurance. But I needed relieve & I knew I was not have no surgery. When I got to Dr. Currie office I immediately got started with treatments. I was a tough cookie with extended treatment but afterwards i was able to walk & when you follow your daily exercise treatment afterwards you should not encounter pain. Only if u stop stretching & exercising. I go back now for follow ups to make sure my back stay align cause I'm able to move about & do great activities that I enjoy. Thanks Currie Team

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Is it finally time to find some relief and get back to living?

Even if you don’t become a patient, you’ll walk away with valuable insights:

  • Understand Your Pain: Discover the potential root cause of your chronic pain and why traditional treatments may have failed.
  • Explore Potential Paths: Learn about alternative, non-invasive treatment options you may not have considered before.

This is your chance to have a life-changing conversation with a seasoned pain-relief authority who is dedicated to helping chronic pain sufferers find long-lasting relief. 

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