About Dr. Keith Currie, D.C

Currie Health & Wellness Diagnostic Center is a 4,000 square foot, one of a kind treatment facility with a focus on utilizing non-invasive, proprietary treatment protocols.

“I went to Dr. Currie the beginning of December 2020 with two ruptured discs and one bulging on my sciatic nerve. I was in pain, a lot of pain. Today is January 25, 2021 and I am not hurting one bit.”

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Our mission is to relieve severe and chronic pain without medication or surgery.

Dr. Keith Currie understands the debilitating effects of severe neck, back and leg pain, and burning neuropathy. For 20 years, he has treated patients throughout Arkansas and the U.S. who have found no relief from traditional treatments.

Dr. Currie’s purpose is to identify and target the root cause of pain – not just mask the symptoms. His holistic and non-invasive approach has helped thousands of patients finally find relief. Many have already undergone failed surgeries and want a lasting solution without risky procedures.

Dr. Currie has helped hundreds of people avoid surgery and medications. Click to watch real patient testimonials.

Word of Dr. Currie’s success spreads fast. Over half of his patients come through recommendations from other satisfied patients.

“My patients tell me medication made them feel like zombies, and previous surgeries only left them in worse pain,” says Dr. Currie. “They’re ready for a new option, and my non-surgical treatments have helped many finally regain mobility and sleep through the night.”

Neuropathy patients seeking relief often come to Dr. Currie as a last resort. “Most doctors tell them nothing can be done and to just live with the pain,” he says. “Yet I’ve helped numerous patients reduce – and even eliminate – their neuropathy symptoms.”

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Meet Dr. Keith Currie, D.C.

For 20 years, my singular focus has been helping people who suffer from severe and chronic pain that won’t go away with other treatment methods.

My patients get relief without having to take the chance on going under the knife or taking potentially harmful medications. With my protocols, there’s no risk of infection, scar tissue from an incision, complications with anesthesia, or side effects from prescription drugs.

If you’ve tried everything else without relief, call our office today for a no obligation, no-pressure consultation. See for yourself how our approach can help you finally find lasting pain relief.

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