Our Patients Share Their Stories

Dr. Currie has seen countless patients with dramatic success stories over the years. Whether you have chronic pain in your neck, back, or feet—even if the pain is so severe that you are not able to walk or get out of bed—Dr. Currie has probably seen a case like yours. And the results? They speak for themselves. These are real stories from real patients who got their quality of life back thanks to Dr. Currie’s state-of-the-art treatments.

Super Bowl Champ Stacy Andrews Finds Severe Back Pain Cure

Super Bowl champion and Arkansas native Stacy Andrews was suffering from severe back pain before seeing Dr. Currie. Stacy wanted a way to get rid of his pain without surgery. After being treated by Dr. Currie, Stacy’s back pain disappeared and he did not have to go through a risky back surgery.
Now, even years later, Stacy is pain free and is able to enjoy sports again. This former NFL offensive lineman can play full-court basketball with his friends and family and has no trouble traveling! 

Bob L.  Fairfield Bay
I have a close family friend that saw Dr. Currie years ago and she’s still doing great. I’ve had one back surgery and I didn’t want to have another so I decided to see Dr. Currie. My pain was severe, a constant sharp pain that went from my back to my legs and feet. It was a full 10/10 and now it’s a 0. Dr. Currie has also worked with me through nutrition and I’ve lost 20 pounds, feel healthier, I have a much clearer mind, and much more energy. I could go on and on about Dr. Currie and what he has done to help me and how his treatments have changed my life.

Kevin- A year and a half after treatment

Kevin: When I came here, I had severe neck pain and no range of mobility. I couldn’t turn my head left to right, and had shooting arm pain down my left arm. I came to see Dr. Currie to see if he could help me with that pain. Since my treatments were completed, everything has been great. I have had no problems whatsoever since I came through the treatments. I have great range of motion. I’ve been able to do everything I was doing before I had the problem and life’s been great.

When we came here, my wife was a little skeptical about the program. I mean I’ve been to a chiropractor before but she was a little hesitant about trying this program, but I assured her, I felt this was the right avenue for us to pursue. I started the treatments, went all the way through the treatments, and at the very end she was still really skeptical about, still not sure this was going to work for me. But a year went by in this past July, she said, “You know, it’s been a year since you went and started your treatment and you haven’t had any problems.” I told her, “I knew it would work.”

Dr. Currie: What would you say to someone who had severe neck pain and they were really suffering or maybe arm pain? What would you say if they needed help and were looking at maybe having surgery or something like that?

Kevin: I would say, “You need to seek out another option.” And this option that you provide, Dr. Currie, is one of the best ones. In my case, it is one of the best decisions I made regarding my own health care. So, I would tell them, “Seek out someone,” and I would say Dr. Currie. “I would seek out Dr. Currie because this is where you can regain all the mobility, everything that you want to regain to sustain your life not just for now, but in the future. All those things can come back to you if you come and seek this program.”

Laverne D. – Retired- McGee, AR

Laverne: When I started here, I could not walk, my leg was paralyzed, and I walked like a drunk. I had no feelings in my leg and I could not control my foot.

Dr. Keith Currie: Okay. So what did your other doctors tell you?

Laverne: That I had had a stroke in my back and that I needed to go and have surgery. That’s why I came in here to see you. In fact, my husband made me come through and I didn’t want to because we didn’t have an appointment. And when I walked in, Dr. Currie took me right on in and started the treatment, and I am so much better.

Dr. Keith Currie: Yeah. So compared to when we first started, compared to today, what’s the difference like?

Laverne: Wonderful. I can walk better, I don’t walk like a drunk, I can control my foot, and it’s just awesome.

Dr. Keith Currie: What would you tell someone who needed help?

Laverne: Come see Dr. Currie.

For more testimonials please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI63A08f3jq-vnJNCwqdFMg